About Rieck Studios
I think growing up in rural New Zealand has influenced me alot. The isolation and surrounding natural beauty developed an ear for nature’s voice and a sensitivity to its elemental fabric. With only nature to converse with most of the time, one was left up to ones imagination. Painting has always been a natural passion for me beginning late in my childhood. But, by the end of high school, I had developed an interest in mathematics. I went off to Engineering school and eventually into the industry, But, I never stopped studying Art. After moving back from Hong Kong in 94 to the small rural town of Helensville, New Zealand, I bought my first serious camera. Armed with the hasselblad and a small darkroom setup in my bathroom, I found my niche in Architectural Photography. I began documenting the projects I was working on as a structural designer. Combining my interest in structure, form and detail with my love of fine Art, it was a natural transition into Photography: Creative + Technical. So, whether its painting with light or a brush, I approach the subject matter the same way - Study it, understand its parts and build my own visualization. Engineering is now in the past but I feel its language is a part of my overall creative vocabulary.